Village Takes: Live From Bed-Stuy

I made one decision recently that has hopefully solved 100 more decisions that needed to be made.

Temporarily leaving IG last month to focus on putting myself out there artistically has opened me up to new opportunities. I noticed I wasted a lot of valuable time wondering / worrying about other people’s “virtual” perception of me. This was ironically conflicting with the peace I have pinned on Twitter for myself to keep.

Instead of having IG withdrawals, I withdrew from other areas in my life that were taking away from my peace, to see if I felt any lighter. I stepped back and noticed there was more gratitude expressed daily. I also reconnected with my journaling practice and developed creativity with how I expressed my thoughts.

Sometimes social media feels like the middle man to getting my voice heard. I looked for spaces that would be open to poets / artists and found two wonderful communities that I currently frequent. I feel more alive sharing my writings / opinions in these circles. Through the process I’ve become quicker and clearer in thinking. I attached a goal to become a Poet-In-Residence in a community organization– allowing me to utilize my whole bag: writing, graphic design, video and music production.

I also revisited the valuable lessons to be proud of not only who you are but where you come from. For me Brooklyn is a global village and it raised me well. I’ve come back to contribute there because it’s always more work to do and I’m excited about it. Below I have a collection of poetry that I want to present to the world and there will be an audio component released soon.

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