Barbershop Blues

After 3 months of distancing myself, I gave in and entered my favorite conversation spot.

My barber hadn’t lost a beat with his frustrations with customers’ lack of promptness and expecting to somehow get in the chair. Today he wasn’t talking about me, thankfully. I was praised for making it on time, even with all the MTA construction and delays. But that was a sidebar to a deeper conversation already in progress. We dapped and I sat quietly as he finished shaving his customer. CNN was playing on the black mirror and years of pain were trying to be digested.

My barber carries a certain passion about him that I fully respect– and challenges all those who enter the shop in areas of: health & fitness, spirituality, and opinions on sports on a good day. I appreciate that I can hear truth bounced off the walls and often times within myself. Today there was hope for the usual outside-the-box thoughts on a silver platter.

The rundown of irresponsible tweets, protesters for hire, rich white America’s breakaway, and reverting to a time before this was served. The sickness caused by operating in fear and losing sight of what we can do is like drinking poison because we’re thirsty. This country never ceased from making a mess. There was a time where we responded– not by caving in to the “powers that be” but even more so depending on the power of “we”.

The law of motion states that for every action there’s an equal and opposite action. We’ve been divided in our homes and communities for decades. How have we dealt with that pain lately?

I question…

What steps do we need to take to heal?

Where can we create more balance in our lives?

What solutions can we come up with to help each other?

How do we personally respond to racism in America?

What past strategies / tactics have been effective in addressing racial issues and how can we improve on it?

How do we further organize social media campaigns and make sure those lost are seen and never forgotten?

My barber left me with the thought that women have the power and are the solution to all of it. In between my next haircut I hope some of these questions and that statement can be more thought out.

I ask you: What action will you take and how will it ultimately serve humanity for the better?

with LOVE,