Barbershop Blues

After 3 months of distancing myself, I gave in and entered my favorite conversation spot.

My barber hadn’t lost a beat with his frustrations with customers’ lack of promptness and expecting to somehow get in the chair. Today he wasn’t talking about me, thankfully. I was praised for making it on time, even with all the MTA construction and delays. But that was a sidebar to a deeper conversation already in progress. We dapped and I sat quietly as he finished shaving his customer. CNN was playing on the black mirror and years of pain were trying to be digested.

My barber carries a certain passion about him that I fully respect– and challenges all those who enter the shop in areas of: health & fitness, spirituality, and opinions on sports on a good day. I appreciate that I can hear truth bounced off the walls and often times within myself. Today there was hope for the usual outside-the-box thoughts on a silver platter.

The rundown of irresponsible tweets, protesters for hire, rich white America’s breakaway, and reverting to a time before this was served. The sickness caused by operating in fear and losing sight of what we can do is like drinking poison because we’re thirsty. This country never ceased from making a mess. There was a time where we responded– not by caving in to the “powers that be” but even more so depending on the power of “we”.

The law of motion states that for every action there’s an equal and opposite action. We’ve been divided in our homes and communities for decades. How have we dealt with that pain lately?

I question…

What steps do we need to take to heal?

Where can we create more balance in our lives?

What solutions can we come up with to help each other?

How do we personally respond to racism in America?

What past strategies / tactics have been effective in addressing racial issues and how can we improve on it?

How do we further organize social media campaigns and make sure those lost are seen and never forgotten?

My barber left me with the thought that women have the power and are the solution to all of it. In between my next haircut I hope some of these questions and that statement can be more thought out.

I ask you: What action will you take and how will it ultimately serve humanity for the better?

with LOVE,

Move Fear, Get Out The Way

What do we have to be worried about?

Fear – a limitation set to keep us from going beyond our comfort zone. At times, it may even keep us from achieving success. For that reason, failure is closely associated with fear. The expectations that others may have for us or that we might have for ourselves, can get in the way of rational thinking– leading to self-sabotage.

How Can We Manage Our Fears?

Recognize the fear – We can try to quiet our minds and notice what types of thoughts are there and why. Our internal monologues should be turned off when it’s no longer supporting us. We can ask ourselves: are these thoughts coming from a place of intuition?

We may also turn to breathing exercises or journaling to bring our minds to awareness.


Embrace that our “worst-case” scenario generally doesn’t happen… – but when it does be prepared. There’s times when the building does catch on fire and it’s not a drill or there’s an active shooter. People are socialized into panic mode, instead of practicing handling the situation efficiently.

Face the reality of the outcomes – Making plans are a necessary a part of being effective but when it comes to actions leave ALL expectations at the door. We’ve already practiced accomplishing what we set out to do; all we can hope for is that our habits have contributed to success and if not, there’s more work ahead. We must congratulate ourselves on the progress we’ve made! It’s unnecessary to beat ourselves up for what’s outside of our control. We can always plan again if the outcome we reached is not satisfactory to us.

Cultivate Self-love and Self-respect – Self-love and self-respect is never given but always taken. Doors start flying open or close when our inner expression is that of putting our needs first. This takes time to develop and there’s much to be explored / discovered about what we love and respect about ourselves. The joke is that it was waiting for us the whole time!

Move fear out of the wayonly then are we able to be our best selves!

 with LOVE,

Born to #BeDifferent


Our mandatory education sets us up for a life that screams at us:

“do what you’re told – OBEY”.

The moment we become conditioned to give in, is the moment that we become comfortable making decisions on autopilot.


This mentality can be bridged into our adulthood opening up the possibility of conformity and misery.

There’s absolutely no risk involved when you’re given a command to execute.

But, is this truly living?

It is NOT our job to fit in, anymore– it is our job to change the status quo.

We can use this mentality to take responsibility for our lives with true purpose.

Let me ask:

Will you become replaceable or memorable for the value provided

while you were here?

When’s the last time you stepped OUT of your comfort zone?

Did you know you can make a choice to help others with your gifts?

What will allow yourself to become better, a little more each day?

Did you know that you were born to be different?

Did you know that you were born to be different?

Be unique.

Take your power back.


 with LOVE,