Water– a significant part of our lives; mostly makes us up; there’s not a place on Earth that has life without it.

Dehydrationto let other things in our lives consume us and misuse us.

Ignoring the truth about water is to become delusional and will leave you feeling deserted- bringing you back to the the harsh reality that you NEED it to survive.

You heard right– water gives us life.

Being like water REALLY meant to be so much more– appreciate life, and learn to love what it has in store! Be thankful for it everyday. It bears gifts– true presents on Earth. A being, a presence, a large mass


E= mc²

Was Einstein getting rich? Did he die trying or was he lying about: energy? the speed of light? Was it a mask? What was in his flask?

What is OUR task?

So I leave you with these questions for reflection:

What ingredients are in your water, your Gatorade, your thirst quencher?

Is it pure?

What do you love?

What keeps you going?

What allows you to float through life?

LIKE water

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So many distractions

Main attractions

Easy to conform

Not reform

Out of habit

Peace of mind

is just meaning

Full, seeing




In real time



Decline misery




Stop complaining

Start creating

Stop complaining

Start creating

fanIIsee: #SummerStage16 recap

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 6.39.43 PM.png

On a summer Sunday in Central Park, there were a multitude of witnesses watching Goldlink preach his gospel for an hour. He was accompanied by Brasstracks and the heavenly vocals of April George. My summerstage neighbors asked why he spoke in a sing-song manner. They had no clue that it’s not only his thingbut also his rap style. Pastor GL Smooth performed popular cuts like “Sober Thoughts“, “Planet Paradise“, “Spectrum“,  and even let his newest song “Fall in Love” rock for the first time. See below

In between songs he checked in with his congregation to hand out blessings in the form of hip-hop party records. As soon as Fatman Scoop said “BASS DROP” the holy spirit moved through the crowd and the flood gates were open for good times.


In the middle of Goldlink’s set, newcomer Masego brought his uptempo and eclectic act to the stage. He was donning a gold saxophone necklace to match the one he played so beautifully. Songs like “Send Yo Rita”, “Girls That Dance”, and “Bounce” were well-received (she got dem yams!). The DMV love was apparent on stage and in the crowd. The Backyard Band were also a part of the connection as they brought forth devotional with go-go tunes and mixed in hits such as “The Light” by Common, “Around My Way” by Talib Kweli, and “Hello” by Adele.


In the end, no one wanted to see Goldlink give his benediction so abruptly as he exited stage left without closing in prayer or saying peace. Instead, his DJ and band rocked for about 10 more minutes and then it was over. After, I walked around the park, enjoyed the sunset and was welcomed back into realitee by encountering train delays on 86th St’s non-air conditioned subway platform while trying to get home.


realitee: A Dream For Freedom


If you listen to the speech above you may gather that MLK’s blueprint for empowerment hasn’t exactly seen itself through yet. Over 50 years later, and we’re still witnessing our people die at the hands of violence, starvation, illness and drug abuse. The question is: are we delusional to the point of believing that all we can do is wait for someone to come along and change the way things are? With this type of mentality, distractions are constantly allowed to get in the way of movement– doing nothing to hold this country or ourselves accountable.

Circumstances can make it feel like it’s a struggle just to make it through the day because money is valued more than our own dreams– failing to realize that we are getting in the way of ourselves. Black vs. White looks like the main event on the surface but we’ve been battling internally for a while now and this cycle of pain continues. We have to remember to be responsible for our own actions.

We should be looking to do what we can not only to better ourselves but also our community. Becoming educated is fine and dandy, but what good is it if we don’t find a way to strategize together? Now let me ask: Is tweeting about our issues making any advances? Is marching to the end of the world stopping our daily struggle? Sure we’re not going to remain quiet about all the heinous things that happen in the world. But we have to be honest– we’re stuck in an old way of thinking and until we figure out a new method of fighting, the quicksand will keep swallowing us.

Continuing to make the wrong moves also has to stop. For example, we know that crime is a business to make the rich richer and keep those in prison without the means to be creative, right? But how many people do we know that are locked up right now (not because of the powers that be but) for something stupid that could’ve been prevented? It’s also time to start changing the way we think about each other– because most of the time we’re just holding petty grudges. We have to come together for the greater good. Until there are communities continuously and whole-heartedly working together, there can’t be any movement. We also have to stop the drum major instinct. Once we figure that out, we will be ready to strategize.

Even though there is a lot of  work ahead, don’t be afraid to dream like Dr. King–  standing behind a purpose to see humanity in harmony. He didn’t have a holiday or boulevard in mind for all the hard work and effort he put into bringing people together for the cause. But if we continue to fight to keep our dreams alive, we’ll go further than we’ve ever gone– and surely that’s worth more than any dollar amount in a bank account. My dream today is for people to grow personally and build as a community, what’s yours?