fanIIsee’s Jam of the Week: OverDoz. – “Last Kiss”

Overdoz. is a LA-based group that specializes in blending “groove” and “fun” into hip-hop. Their mixtapes Live For, Die For and Boom are definitely a breath of fresh air and their fan base is growing as a result. The RCA recording artists are now making a splash in the mainstream with their new song “Last Kiss”, tapping Pharrell Williams to provide production and some additional vocals. The behind the scenes footage of them making the track with Pharrell is worth checking out too. Enjoy!

WCW: Betty Davis

Betty Davis is a queen of funk in her own right. She was married to jazz legend Miles Davis (see “Mademoiselle Mabry“)  and set up his connection to Jimi Hendrix. After her divorce, she moved to London to pursue modeling which eventually spawned her career in music. Her self-titled debut circuited in 1973. At the time, her music was deemed as raunchy and got banned on the radio. The censors put on her sexuality were plentiful– as her last album was shelved. Though she wasn’t a commercial success, Davis was definitely a fox that couldn’t be contained.