Water– a significant part of our lives; mostly makes us up; there’s not a place on Earth that has life without it.

Dehydrationto let other things in our lives consume us and misuse us.

Ignoring the truth about water is to become delusional and will leave you feeling deserted- bringing you back to the the harsh reality that you NEED it to survive.

You heard right– water gives us life.

Being like water REALLY meant to be so much more– appreciate life, and learn to love what it has in store! Be thankful for it everyday. It bears gifts– true presents on Earth. A being, a presence, a large mass


E= mc²

Was Einstein getting rich? Did he die trying or was he lying about: energy? the speed of light? Was it a mask? What was in his flask?

What is OUR task?

So I leave you with these questions for reflection:

What ingredients are in your water, your Gatorade, your thirst quencher?

Is it pure?

What do you love?

What keeps you going?

What allows you to float through life?

LIKE water

fanIIsee: Stretch & Bobbito– Radio That Changed Lives Screening

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.38.54 PM

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Time: 7 pm

Location: Brooklyn Historical Society

WebsiteEventbrite / Ticket Info

Celebrating the 25th year anniversary of their radio show, Stretch and Bobbito gifted a well-made hip-hop documentary that featured some of hip-hop’s favorite stars, pioneers and radio personalities to properly pay homage. Thanks to a strong Kickstarter campaign, it’s bringing back the nostalgia of the 90s– where hip-hop wasn’t about the love of money, but actually for the love of the culture. Tapes and turntables played a huge part of that timeline but it was Stretch and Bobbito’s dedication during 4-hour graveyard radio shifts that helped jumpstart many careers and gave their audience something to look forward to each week. In the 95-minute film, there’s many unreleased freestyles– including a nasty Notorious B.I.G. sixteen and a Big Pun verse that not even Joey Crack remembers hearing. Watching the film is a brilliant way to fall in love with hip-hop again and enjoy the city before it gets NYC “brick” outside. The documentary will be playing at the Brooklyn Historical Society and can be streamed online at anytime via Vimeo.

For more information go to: stretchandbobbito.com