7162709796_56f39f207e_kMany forms and colors exist within any world. The one I love goes beyond any food, sport, or gadget. It’s truly liberating roaming arenas of drama, music, dance, literature, cinema, etc. This world that I describe is called: the arts. Its evolution has truly shaped me in II the man I am. Even though I’ve observed a great deal in my adolescence, discovering more about this world is pivotal to me.

While documenting my experiences and using various platforms, this journey will allow me II be exposed II new ideas that will hopefully inspire you. Join me and invite others II come along the way. welcome II fanIIsee.

But all the story of the night told over,
And all their minds transfigured so together,
More witnesseth than fancy’s images
And grows to something of great constancy,
But, howsoever, strange and admirable.

William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)